Finding, creating and sharing that lost art of simple living…

 Hi all, and welcome to this new blogger’s new blog! “Lost Art of Simple Living” is my humble attempt at sharing my daily challenges, struggles, and joys of making our lives (mine and yours!) a little simpler.

It all started today while I was hanging my freshly laundered clothes on the clothesline to dry. I remembered, right after we moved in to this house, my husband and I took a Saturday and built the line. It was our first “new home” project, and one I couldn’t wait for!! You see, I had grown up in rural Pennsylvania, and we ALWAYS had a clothesline, and so did all the neighbors. In the spring, summer and fall, if the sun was shining, the clothes were on the line (Think fresh air, crisp yummy towels and sheets…). But now, living in the ‘burbs, I had a friend over shortly after putting up the line, and the first thing she said was “HA! Nice clothesline.” All snarky-like. (Love you Steph!) Then it hit me- some people don’t know what its like to fall face first into bed with fresh linens from the line, or remember sitting in the shade of the clothes as a kid on a hot sunny day…well ain’t that a shame!!

So, now I’m here to let you know, the simple things in life matter, and I’m bringing them back, and hope I convince you to do the same!


PS: I even hang undies on the line….if the neighbors see them once, they’ve seen them a thousand times, right?!


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