Building a clothesline…

To start things off with a bang, I thought I’d give you a tutorial for building your own clothesline for about $75 bucks. Think of it as an investment. Everytime you hang your clothes out in the fresh air and sunshine, you save on electric bills. Plus, your family and Mother Earth will thank you!


  • Two (2) 4×4 posts, about 10 feet long
  • One (1) 2×6, four feet long
  • One (1) 2×6, 8 feet long
  • 6 lag bolts with 6 washer and 6 nuts
  • 6 eye bolts/screws
  • 2 bags of Quikcrete
  • Wood Screws (about 10)
  • Shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Plastic or cloth clothesline
    (I prefer plastic, but it tends to snap if clothes are too heavy.)
  • Power Drill
  • Saw of some sort, power preferrably

Time Investment: Approx. 4 hours

1. Cut 2×6 into 2 4 ft. sections

2.  Drill 3 holes in the shape of a triangle at one end of the 4×4 post. Approx 1.5in apart from each other. 

3. Center 2×6 on the post, and drill 3 matching holes.

4. Insert 3 lag bolts into 2×6 and 4×4 post. Secure on back with bolts.

5. Repeat for second 2×6 nd 4×4 post.

6. Tap eye screws into place, and use pliers to screw into place.

6. Cut 2×4 boards into 4 equal pieces. Approx 2 feet down, cut to length 3×4 with approx 45 degree angles on both ends that extend from post to half the length of the 2×6. Attach with wood screws- 2×4 to 4×4 post, and bottom of 2×6.  The goal is to create 45 degree angles at both ends of the board to create support peices from the 4×4 post to the centers on both sides of the 2×6.  Repeat on second side.

Now….DIG! Approx 3-4 feet deep. Mine is about 15 feet apart. Much wider than that and you’ll need a third support. Use the post hold diggers to dig down far enough…this could be tricky. Once you’ve reached the appropriate depth, insert posts. Have someone hold the post while you attempt to position and level. (I eyeballed mine.)  fill the hole with quikcrete as directed by the package. Try to get the cement evenly around the post so it doesnt lean as it dries. Do the same for the second side directly acrossed from the first post.

Wait for the cement to dry, the fill the hole up with the dirt that you removed….we didnt wait. We just threw it in while the cement was still wet and it turned out ok.  The right way to do it is to wait till it dries, give it some support so they stay in position…then back fill.

 Anyway, if you’d like more detail or pictures, let me know, I’d be happy to help. The moral of the story is…save some on your energy bills, and get a little sunshine. 🙂


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