The Vintage Christmas Tree-2011

So, I love old things. Antique things, used things, vintage things, thrifted things. I especially love PRETTY, old things. This, I can thank my mother for. She’s a collector of pretty things (especially dishes, which is a gene I have inherited). Growing up, we would go to auctions and bring home the coolest stuff, that I’d never seen before! ( I had a baby blue Royal type writer when I was 10. Sold it at a yard sale when I was 15. DAMN!)

Anyway, this love of old, pretty things lead me on the great quest of creating a vintage Christmas tree. I don’t know why I was so set on it. I think it has to do with feeling closer to my family. I mean, these were the ornaments my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother hung on their Christmas trees. Isn’t that exciting?! I think it is! And now that my Grandmother is gone, I feel like maybe a piece of her is still here celebrating with me.

Ok-that sounds weird now that I’ve actually typed it. But it’s true none-the-less.

And! We musn’t over look the fact that vintage ornaments, The real, SHATTER-ABLE (word?), glass kind just have an appeal.

So, since last Christmas I’ve been on the hunt. I’m thrifty, so there was NO WAY I was just going to buy a bunch at an antique store for $2.00/ornament. PSSHHH! Please! So I thrifted, and estate saled, and craiglisted all year. And I even had some wonderful family members donate their beautiful ornaments. (Thank you Mom and Aunt Tootie!)

So here she is….

The picture really doesn’t do it justice. Let’s have a close up!


 The beautiful red, white and blue mercury glass ornament my Momma gave me! (Circa 1940s?)



The stripes are my favorite!

 Isn’t it FANTASTIC? I just love it. Sometimes it’s the little, pretty, glittery things in life that make me smile. 🙂



Here’s some great DIYs I found that I’m definitely going to try next year:

Who doesn’t like glitter? Mom4Real does! 

And Check out these neat garland and ornaments at Too Much Time on My Hands.



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  1. This is the Christmas tree of my childhood! I have ornaments just like those that were handed down from my Gma to me! Of course, we had lead tinsel. Loved that stuff. Can’t get it anymore. Sigh.

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