Lots of ways to give all year! Here’s one…

I’m a gardener. (I can’t wait for the day when I can say, “I’m a farmer.”) We had a successful crop this year of pretty much everything. We gave lots of fresh produce away to friends, family and co-workers, because sometimes, you just can’t eat, freeze and can it all. Our long term plans are to start growing enough to make it profitable (or at least break even) with a CSA (community supported agriculture–then I’ll be a farmer!) In the meantime, there is a learning curve of how much of what, and when to plant. So, I’m sure we’ll have excess of somethings and shortages of others. But that’s ok, because thankfully, we can afford to buy things to supplement our own produce.  Today, I came acrossed Ample Harvest, and had an epiphany. (Not the most BRILLIANT epiphany ever, but hey…)

…Some people don’t know what fresh, homegrown (or even corporate grown) produce tastes like, because they can’t afford it…

Wow. That sucks.

You know how you KNOW things, but you just kind of push it to the back of your mind, because you don’t think you can do anything about it?? yeah, this was one of those things for me. But Ample Harvest makes it super easy for me to help! And I love that!!  I’ve already found a local food pantry a few miles away from my home, thanks to Ample Harvest, and  I have an email out to the coordinator. Because come Spring, I know we’ll have excess produce, and I can’t wait to give it to people who really need it….

Thanks, AmpleHarvest, for making giving so easy!!!


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  1. From the AmpleHarvest.org Campaign:
    This Thanksgiving, give thanks. Then give.

    On your holiday dinner table, use an edible table centerpiece instead of a floral arrangement.

    A centerpiece with fruit and vegetables can grace your table one day and feed another family the next.

    Find a nearby food pantry eager for your donations at http://www.AmpleHarvest.org/T-Day

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