In Memory of My Grandmother.

Today would have been my Grandmother’s 81st birthday…

She was an awesome person. 

She was the person I spent most of my summer days with when I was too young to be home alone. And the person the school nurse called to pick me up when I was sick. She was the most faithful Christian I’ve ever known. She was thrifty and frugal, but not afraid to treat herself (even though she did hide the chocolate in the freezer). She always let you know how she felt about your decisions, even if you didn’t want to hear it. (Definitely not a fan of the belly-button ring when I was 18.) She never missed anyone’s birthday, including the mailman’s, the bank teller’s, and all the neighbors. She would call all of her grandchildren the morning of their birthday, and as soon as they answered, she would break into the “Happy Birthday to You” song. When I moved away from home, she mailed me a card every week, and was faithful in telling me she loved me. She always made homemade Christmas presents, which I don’t think anyone appreciated enough until she was gone. She’s the reason I love gardening, and the reason I know how to weed, and plant, and grow things.

I used to think she had strange ideas about things. She lived a simple life without many frills. (No cable TV, WHAT?!) But as I get older, I respect the way she lived, and strive to be like her. She appreciated all she had, and never needed much.

She fought a valiant fight against a terrible disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. but on March 2, 2011, she went to be with the Lord, which is where she always wanted to be. And if there is a heaven, she is the first person to get in. No one is perfect, not even my grandmother, but…

She was my angel in so many ways.

 And boy, do I miss her.


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