WordPress didn’t save my post!!! ACK!

So I just took an hour to type up what I considered a cute and clever post about two awesome blogs I recently found. The post was going to be called “A couple great projects, from a couple great blogs.” Of course, I saved my drafts as I went along, so when I saved the final draft, and went to preview…POOF!!!…gone. Nothing, nada, zilch. Talk about irritating.

So instead of blowing another hour trying to re-create my clever stories. I’ll just let you know, I found two really cool blogs that you should check out.

The first is Little House in the Suburbs. –This is the blog I want to have when I grow up. Check out the coldframe post. I’m totally making this in the next few weeks.

The next is an awesome farming blog called The Field and Table. Mostly, I wanted to share this post about canning. Maybe someday, when I’m not so irritated, I’ll tell you why. 🙂

Check ’em out. They’re both full of awesome information, pictures and stories.

Happy… save your draft-ing …. Grrrr.


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