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After seeing photos of horribly abused chickens missing beaks and feathers crammed in tiny little cages laying eggs, I decided I’d never buy another factory-farmed egg. The next time I was in the store, I was relieved to find “cage-free” eggs just slightly more expensive than the standard battery-caged eggs. With a sigh of relief, I decided if I needed to supplement the eggs my chickens lay, I could buy those eggs with a good conscience. It felt great to ‘do my part’ to end animal suffering.

But looking around I realized there were a lot of labels being boldly stamped on egg cartons these days— cage-free, free-range, organic, vegetarian, pastured-raised, and those boasting high levels of omega-3. It all seemed pretty confusing. What do all those labels mean?

Just last week, I went to a chicken lecture by a Ph.D. who consults with people who have chicken questions. This…

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