As you may know, I’ve been seriously ramping up the veggie growing around my place. My husband and I have started a small acreage farm, and have already received some payments from our first year CSA members. (“YEAHH!”, and “YIKES!!”)

I wanted to get a jump start on some of the cold hardy plants like brussel sprouts, cabbage, radishes, etc. And with this eerily nice weather we’ve been having (minus the frost last night that knocked out a couple brassicas), I’ve gotten a lot of them in my portable green house, and cold frames. But there’s one major problem. You guessed it, SLUGS!


Credit: Wikipedia

These slimy buggers have done a significant amount of damage to my crops in a very short period of time. They’ve lopped off the leaves of my broccoli and brussels sprouts, completely beheaded my kale, and left lovely ragged edged radishes in my cold frames. DRATS!!!

Because I want to keep things all-natural, I have to accept losing crops to nature is going to happen…..a lot. (It certainly doesn’t mean I have to like it!) So, here was my plan of attack.

1. Surround remaining affected plants with coffee grinds–it reportedly deters slugs.

2. Scatter hair around seedlings—also reportedly deters slugs. (Gross, I know, but I just happened to cut my husband’s hair on the same day I did this, so it worked out.)

3. Beer in shallow dishes reportedly attracts slugs, gets them drunk, and they drown.


Ehhhh to number 1 and 2. I can’t say they’ve been effective…but I suppose it doesn’t hurt. But number 3 is a definite winner.

The above picture is gross. However, I took this the first morning, and there were about 9 slugs in there (and some random beetle). Unfortunately, there is probably 9 million of these things in my yard. But, I’ll chalk this up to a score, and keep feeding those little lushes cheap beer, and hopefully enjoy bountiful harvests!!

Have you found anything affective against slugs??




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