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If you haven’t caught wind of this issue yet, I implore you to read any of the following articles

Whether you live in Michigan or not, we need your help! If you can take 10 seconds and sign the following petition, it gets sent directly to Governor Snyder’s email. We do not have enough uproar regarding this issue, and they are scheduled to start seizing and slaughtering these poor farmers’ livestock any day.


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Some quick tips for gardeners…

Hi all, I’ve been super busy lately getting all the early crops in. Considering I’m starting from scratch, it’s quite the undertaking. I love it though. It’s good exercise, I get to enjoy this beautiful weather, and it’s just good, honest work.

At any rate, I’ve discovered some helpful things along the way I wanted to share, because they’ve helped me save time and money. So, it could do the same for you!

1. Don’t ever buy garden markers again. Go to your local thrift store and buy mini blinds. I got 2 of them for 50 cents. The blinds are so thin, they cut easily, and they hold sharpie marker writing like a champ. Considering I get 4 garden markers from an individual blind, I won’t have to buy garden markers again for a loooong time. SCORE! I just saved myself quite a bit of dough!

2. I used black plastic mulch for my onions this year. Because I’m starting by tilling up grass, my onions struggle to compete.  In an effort to make planting through the plastic mulch more bearable, I drilled 1 inch holes in a piece of press board after measuring 6″x6″, like so:





Then, I laid this pattern across the plastic mulch, and using a blow torch, quickly hit each hole, melting the plastic underneath. The result:


I just went along, plunked the onions in each hole, and I was done! Awesome, right?! Shout out to Bay Branch Farm for the idea.

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