Cleaning up the details…

We don’t get many visitors here on the homestead. And I kind of like it that way. I don’t have to worry about mopping up the muddy dog prints in the mud room every day, or scrubbing the grout in the shower. But, this year, we offered to have a family New Year’s Eve party. And being that New Year’s eve is only a titch over 4 weeks away, I thought maybe I’d better start cleaning up the details. And our thousand year old stove, on our million year old whitish, gold-flecked, stain-loving laminate counter is at the top of my list. And I HATE IT! It works beautifully, but it’s old and groddy, and IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean. Are you ready for this?



This stuff would NOT come off with regular cleaner and a rag…I promise, I do try!









I know, I know…all together now… “EW, GROSS, VOM, BELCH, PUKE…” I get it. I’m a terrible housekeeper. I never claimed to be Martha Stewart, and besides, I like to do more fun things, like COOK ON IT!






Let me introduce to you the ultimate in life-saving, holiday-cleaning, yucky-stove repairing cleaner.

Bar Keeper’s Friend is now my friend!

Let me reassure you, I have no association with this product, and no money exchanged hands for this post. (Except Wal-Mart got like $1.25 when I bought it.) I actually only know about it because a 70+ year old family friend advised me to use it when cleaning the baked on gunk from my Pyrex. So I did, and it’s AWESOME!! Then, I just started cleaning everything with it. And it works so well, I wanted to share it with you.

I personally think it works better than any mangic erasers or other cleaning powders. I haven’t had a problem with it scratching laminate, metal or any of my dishes. The only thing it does it dry the heck out of my fingers, so I’d recommend using rubber gloves or something. But, I’m too much of a woman for that…(aka stubborn.)

To use it, you just follow the directions, which is essentially dampen the surface you want to clean, put some BKF powder on it, and use a little elbow grease. The worse the stain, the more powder you use. And honestly, you need less elbow grease than you would expect.  Wanna know how well it works?



Phew, one detail to cross off the list, now onto the other…..400?!?

Happy Cleaning!!